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Hi! I am the creator of the Six Step Formula To Becoming a Working Actor online course, and founder of the Successful Actor Academy. Thank you for stopping by  to learn a bit more about me! 
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I could not be more grateful for the the beautiful people that taught me so much throughout my career! My life is well balanced, I have beautiful friendships, excellent health, and I have lots of fun, while being solid as a rock, moving towards the attainment of more wonderful goals. All thanks to these powerful mind enhancing techniques, and many years of studying and performing as an actress. It is so beautiful to also share the business tools I have learned from the best, and so much more that you are here to get for yourself.  

With my six weeks course, the  Six Step Formula to Becoming a Working Actor, you are learning what enabled me to make many of my dreams come true! I have worked in over 40 films next to fascinating people such Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, Kristen Steward, Jesse Eisenberg, and many more. In television, I have work in Jerry Bruckheimer and Shawn Ryan TV shows. I  am in a web series that has over 10 billion views! I also have a recurring role in an Amazon Prime TV show, streaming right now. It is called "My American Family" with Danny Trejo and an incredible cast of highly accomplished individuals! I did lots of theater, including an amazing One-Woman musical show that I produced, co-wrote and starred in. It was about the life and career of 1940's top Broadway star, Carmen Miranda (Chiquita Banana). I came from Mexico 17 years ago, as a single mom to a little girl, with no family nor friends to open doors for me. I am now 100 % bilingual, in the English-Spanish languages. Leaving behind a third-world country mindset was not easy. Training beginner level of wrestling / stage combat scares the pants out of me, but excites me! I studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, in Los Angeles, CA. I also studied my M.A. in theater of the body at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and a B.A. on Theater at the University of Baja California, Mexico. I am also a graduate of the Silva Method of Mind Control - Your Own Mind Control. I was News Reporter and on-camera talent for the Mexican television network, Televisa. My artistic career started as an opera singer during my teenage years, and toured all over Mexico. I recently debuted as a film director and producer with a powerful and inspiring true life story; the multi-award-winning feature film "Altitude Not Attitude" winning the honors of  Best Documentary, Finalist, and Official Selection in more than 20 film festivals, including the Academy Award qualifying Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival and perhaps the most prestigious Documentary awards, the IDA. You can watch it anywhere you watch movies and is distributed by Gravitas Ventures. Stay tuned!

We are here for you, to share what has helped me and my colleagues evolve, so you too can become a working actor faster, regardless of what happens outside of you.

    “Magi Avila’s journey is an inspiration for me. She left a successful career in México, believing in herself and her abilities despite numerous obstacles - no Hollywood connections, no family or friends in the business or even in the country, no mastery of the language - yet and still, she made it happen, and now walks the red carpet with some of the biggest names in the industry. An inspiration.”



    “I absolutely recommend Magi's online course! Magi Avila is a pleasure to work with. She has a clear vision of where she's headed, but is also always very present to what is going on set and with the actors, and has the flexibility and flow to adjust accordingly. She's very empathetic and intuitively knows how to guide and direct so that she gets the best performance out of actors. She also has a great eye for detail and beauty that is original. I am very much looking forward to whatever she creates next, whether it is as an actor, director, producer, or teacher. ”



    “Magi Avila is an incredible actor a creative genius. She brings passion, precision, and fun in everything she touches. Magi is now an award-winning producer/director and she’s just getting started. I look forward to seeing her upcoming projects and hope to work with Magi soon! ”

    CEO, ACTRESS, ARQUITECHT "Texas Chainsaw", "Love Always", "Expendable Assets"

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